Play Therapy

Through the years, we have been increasingly asked to provide therapy for younger children who have been traumatized by situations and incidents of abuse. To work most effectively with a four or five or six year old, we created a play therapy room for precious hurting children. The central idea is for the play therapy room to look and feel like a peaceful park. Two talented and generous artists painted murals on the walls and on the entryway to the room. Inside, the walls are painted soft sky blue and the floor is cushioned with green carpeting reminiscent of soft grass. In one corner of the room is a tree that “grows” out of the wall and up onto the ceiling. Its branches delightfully extend from the ceiling complete with silk leaves. Attached to various branches with velcro are all sorts of wonderful woodland beanie babies and twinkle lights. At the base of the tree is an appealing sandbox complete with digging implements and small treasures. A small Cajun Cabin adorns the opposite corner of the room and contains a variety of toys, dolls, and objects that delight a child’s imagination. A fully equipped doll house is on the opposite wall. This imaginative room provides the delight and safety a child may experience while embarking on a healing journey that begins in the Play Therapy Room. We knew it would be wonderful, after all, the inspiration for the room was from a special child named Josh.